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Heroes Leftovers : Road to RPG #2 - Growing : Second Prototype !

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Hi !

This week I struggled with the “Loop” in programing. This eventually led me to understand how a Sorting Algorythm works.

This week new features :
- Multiple enemies : you can now fight up to 3 enemy.
- Initiative : Now each character of the game has his own Initiative value. When a battle starts, the highest Initiative values come first in the turn order.
- Healing : At the start of each combat the Human regenerates 15% of his life.
- Attack system : The damages of an attack is defined by calculation. It is not only a “Life - Attack” calculation.
- 4 new endings : depending on how much squirrel you will hunt.
- Graphics : PIxel art style. Thanks to PhilippeJugnet & TerraIncognita from #PixelJunk for the backgrounds and Dragon Quest 4 for characters.

Try it here !

Feedback appreciated & have fun !

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