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I am proud to announce the release of Heroes 7 3.0 + Moscow!

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I am proud to announce the release of Heroes 7 3.0 + Moscow!

This is the final release! It's finally done!

Launch Trailer:

Download the files as per below:

Heroes 7 3.0 + Moscow link:

Moscow Kremlin level original extended version:

Moscow Kremlin Arcadia skybox:

Moscow Kremlin Level Arcadia Version

Please refer to the readme file for more details.

A lot of work have been put into this mod. It's been 3 months roughly making these maps.

Big shoutout to all that have helped me:
- SPi
- TakeHometheCup
- Ryaku5
- Elijah Ramsey
- Stendby
- Chooch
- Kilik
- Bence Csiki

- Anyone else I may have missed!

Music/Voice Credits used in the maps/trailers (other than COD soundtracks and already credited before):
- Forgone - Berend Salverda
- Heart and Soul - Infinitescore
- Polaris Extended - End of Silence and Kamila Nyvltova
- Blood Moon - Dos Brains
- D.W.'s voice from the show Arthur by Marc Brown

Anything else I may have missed.



Red Square / Kremlin

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