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This is an alpha release of Heroes 5.5:Frax. It buffs destructive Magic, Dungeon and adds new Hero specializations. It is compatible with MMH55:14.6.

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This is an alpha release of Heroes 5.5:Frax.
Skillwheel and Creaturepedia are not fully updated.
Some units, spells, or perks might be a little strong :).
You can share your feedback at
WARNING: There might be occasional crashes. Play with autosave!

Summary of changes:

## Combat

1. Issue: Attackers have too much of advantage. 1-stacks make creeping too easy.
- All units have doubled HP. Making combat 2x longer.
- Most spells are 2x cheaper.

2. Issue: Number of luck-based abilities vary greatly among factions.
- 4 factions have 3-4 units with luck abilities. The other 4 have 0-1.

3. Issue: Some units are weak. Some upgrades are too similar.
- A lot of changes. Not yet shown in creaturepedia or ability description.
- Subject to change. Best to check in duels.

## Magic
1. Issue: Spells that do not give % bonuses fall off late game.
- Avatar of Death has very powerful debuffs on attack, low HP & Attack.
- Phoenix has encourage & low HP.
- Freezing and stunning perks are more powerful.
- Resurrection can be used offensively to reduce enemy HP.
- Deep freeze deals no damage, but significantly amplifies physical damage.

2. Issue: Chain attack is more powerful than destructive magic. It requires no mana.
- Nerfed hero damage early.
- Hero can't have critical strike + stunning strike + chain attack.
- Each magic school has 1 very cheap destructive spell.
- Mana regen is modified to (3+Knowledge).

3. Issue: Shatter magic can completely shutdown enemy mage. But it has limited use otherwise.
- Shatter magic is disabled for now, until I figure something better.

## Heroes
1. Issue: Not every hero is viable as main hero. Choosing random hero is very luckluster.
- Every hero spec has been rebalanced.
- Every hero gets global 15% bonus to his army strength at level 30.
- Heroes that need to spend turn to get such bonus get instead 20% bonus.
- Abilities that are used outside battle give 20% bonus (evaluated as damage bonus).
- For example, +30% movement ~ lvl3 logistics ~ lvl3 offense ~ 20% bonus damage.
- Abilities that do not scale with level give up to -5% less bonus.

2. Issue: Every ability should feel exciting & change your playstyle.
- Removed abilities that give stat bonuses.
- Creatures that were available in town for hire join hero army instead.
- Creature joining has been rebalanced and clarified (it is now presented as % of week growth).
- All hero specs are now available (dragonblessed etc.) (except spell blocking).
- Powerful specs are balanced by giving hero some disadvantage.
- Weak specs are balanced by giving hero extra A) Skills B) Mass Spells for free.
- Added Ultimate Avenger (has each T3-T7 on the list).
- Best to check hero descriptions in game.

## Skills
1. Issue: Orcs gain +X bonus blood but lose -X% percent blood. This is problem in late game.
- Bloodrage isn't lost on damage anymore. It takes more bloodrage to level up.

2. Issue: Many skills were weak, making heroes go for the same build every time.
- Many skills have been rebalanced.
- Best to check skillwheel in game.

3. New mechanics:
- Scholar: Hero gets +1 Morale for each unique faction in their army pre combat.
- Elite casters: Each caster has 1 mass spell, that can be cast only if hero has the skill Elite Casters.
- Arcane Brilliance: Hero get 2 lvl5 spells in random school at expert mastery.
- Ignite: Hero gets Phoenix at expert mastery.
- Expert Trainer: Replaced with Absolute Charge.
- Necromancy: Can be learned by all Dungeon heroes. Gives Morale.
- Plague Tent, Divine Guardian now resurrect creatures after battle.

## Artifacts
1. Issue: Resurrection artifacts are not very useful.
- They now resurrect ~5% of original stack size.
- Resurrects all tiers, cost no mana, does not scale with knowledge.
- For example: 100 Goblins => 5 die => 100 * 0.05 are resurrected.

2. Issue: Elemental protection is rarely useful.
- Elemental protection artifacts were removed for now.

3. Issue: Some mythic artifacts are way too powerful.
- Each Mythic artefact adds no more than 20% bonus.

It is now easier to mix armies together:


There are new specializations:





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