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A list subject to changes of heroes that will be in the mod and other that MAYBE will appear.

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Hello There...

This is a list of the heroes im making for the mod.


Kylo Ren - TIE Advanced

General Hux - Finalizer

Snoke - Supremacy

General Pryde - Steadfast

Captain Phasma

Gideon Hask [MAYBE]

Commander Pyre

Agent Tierny

Captain Canady - Fulminatrix [MAYBE]



Chewbacca - Millenium Falcon

Kaydel Connix

Leia Organa

Admiral Ackbar - Raddus

Vice Admiral Holdo - Ninka


Poe Dameron - Black Squadron

Inferno Squad (Zay Meeko, Shriv Suurgav) - Corvus [MAYBE]

Tallie Lintra - Blue Squadron

Let me know in the comments if there another potential character that could be a hero, if you have suggestions please tell me, all the feedback is good.

See you soon...


What about Vonreg in his red TIE Interceptor? And why does Kylo Ren not get his TIE Silencer instead of the TIE Advanced which was Vader's hero unit?

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