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Information on Hero's Preview below. Read it to find info on Secret Heroes, and what i plan to do about the weekly preview.

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Hi! Since this site recently opened up, i have uploaded 3 videos of heroes ability previews. They currently show you the spells of Roknore - Guardian of the Forest, Grimble Shapeye - Sharpshooter, and Kathrine Bonechiller - Wraith. In the future, i plan on showing you one preview each week in video form, or you could always download and play my demo to see the ones in there too.

Since uploading a video requires the video to be authorized by the administrator, videos may be late for the update, since the administrator may get back to me in a day, more or less.

I will be uploading a bird's eye view of the whole map soon, it will show you the bases and the paths. In addition, it will also show you areas for you to secretly revive yourself.

And, there are 2 SECRET heroes on my map. One of them is easy to find, and just needs a little scrolling around to find, the other is much harder. I will give hints if one asks nicely and if you do find him, i promise you will love him.

Cheat codes have been implanted in my map though they are used solely for the purpose of testing.If someone manages to find it, well congrats but please don't let other know.

Happy Hunting! - Solomon409

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