Here you can see which hero is playable on what map.

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I tried to make it as even as possible. All the heroes appear at least on 2 maps and at max on 3.

Coruscant: Bossk vs Chewbacca
Dagobah: Emperor vs Luke
Death Star: Bossk vs Chewbacca
Endor: Emperor vs Leia
Felucia: Bossk vs Chewbacca
Hoth: Vader vs Luke
Jabba's Palace: Greedo vs Nien Nunb
Kamino: Boba Fett vs Han Solo
Kashyyyk: D.Krennic vs Jyn Erso
Mos Eisley: Boba Fett vs Han Solo
Mustafar: Greedo vs Nien Nunb
Mygeeto: D.Krennic vs Jyn Erso
Naboo: Emperor vs Naboo Queen (Leia)
Polis Massa: Dengar vs Lando
Tantive IV: Vader vs Leia
Utapau: Dengar vs Lando
Yavin 4: Vader vs Luke

Mos Eisley Hero Assault -> All heroes&villains


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