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Well. Here are the hero classes so far minus the two undisclosed. They will come later.

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Weapon-arm cannon
alt form-morph ball
special-overload beam-fire a massive concentrated beam that lasts several seconds and set people on fire
melee-charged punch
special attribute-extra health-50 extra health

weapon-warrior lance
alt form-Light of Aether
special-light field-emit a field of light around you that will damage anyone you touch
melee-ceremonial knife
special attribute-light power beam-a light based power beam that does additional minor burn damage

GF Marine
weapon-GF auto rifle
alt form-GF storage probe
special-Ion beam-a powerful beam that will blackout a player's screen, does a fare damage, and penetrates.
melee-combat sword
special attribute-extra alt form bombs-5 bombs at once in alt form and 4 powerbombs

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