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Hey everyone. Well, so this is my very first news on moddb. The last past months I've been working hard on this engine/game, so i finally thought: "why not publish it on moddb".. So here we go! Alright, so actually "what IS Timehole Travellers?" you may be asking. You must know I was bored by most of today's games and still use to play the good old SNES & Amiga classics, since I had some sparetime I came up with the idea: "Hey, why don't you make your own game?" So this is where it started...

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Timehole Travellers shall bring back those good old times, at least this is my goal. The fighting style will be like, let's say "Secret of Mana" with a "Golden Axe" perspective. ;) You have this little Orb which refills by time. When it's full you can deal your normal damage amount, if it isn't you get a penalty. The engine itself is nearly done, about "70%" I would say. However lot's of textures/actors/levels, etc. still need to be made, which takes some time. I don't plan to finish the project before late 2010 / early 2011, since I can't work on it like in a full-time job (got lot's of other stuff to do). However when it's done, be sure that i will release it free of charge.

So, what are the features?

- 2 player local coop
- 2d/3d mixed engine
- different weapons
- different spells
- stats-system (strength, vitality..)
- multi-Language (German / English)
- gamepad-support

And the story?

Well - have you ever heard about a "multiverse" ? Basically the main plot follows this idea. A "Timehole" or "Timegate" will be opened in our world. This hole connects different universes, through which you can travel. Since there will be evil minds bringing their creatures to other worlds (including your own), you will have to find a way to close these gates to bring back peace. But that's just a rough overview explaining only the main idea of course! ;)

What have i done thus far, what is finished?

- graphics system
- AI (enemies can attack, cast, heal themselves, ..)
- fighting, magic, animations, etc..
- skill system
- dialogue-system
- "trigger"-system (for npcs, etc)
- "weather" (non-dynamic, i.e. fog, sunshine, particles)
- leveleditor (also needs an update for new features)
- many, many other basic things the player doesn't see ;)

And the music?

I'm really not the best musician in the world, so I'm using various creative commons tracks.

What's next?

I will go on programming / drawing the way I did thus far. As mentioned above I've got lot's of other stuff to do as well, but be sure I will work on this project whenever possible! Even if I don't post any news here, the project will still be going! I'm trying my best to post some new stuff for anyone interested every now and then!

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