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Well, you probably think: "What, another mod for the same game?" and that is true, more or less.

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M40 X pro A.C.E History


Well, you probably think: "What, another mod for the same game?" and that is true, more or less. Actually I started on this game shorty after starting on the second game. I had no good story for the second game and I got bored, so I started by copying the "m40 game two" folder and started messing around with the images and models, and suddenly I had game that was nearly finished. What I had done was that I had made a model of an odd ...scooter with two giant helicopter blades. That was the start of the fighters that you will fight in the game. Then I added the theme: dark green junglelike ships, so I made the baseships and then the alien command ship, all with that theme. Then I was satisfied with what I had made BUT I still had the second game to make and I started on a story(for the second game) that was going to end with the story for game three, once again the Kohlar played an important part but I always had in mind that in the end, they will meat those new aliens.

The Game

Eh yeh.. As I said it is the same structure of game one and two but when I played it for the first time I really had a different feeling. The planets are different the whole enemy fleet is different and I added some goodies to the human fleet aswell. I made the M20 explorer which is older then the M40 Explorer and the M40 X pro A.C.E, there are stealth fighters called Rictora-class stealth fighters (Im not sure why i put those in the game though) and the H-14 bomber (not sure why I put that one in the game either).


In this game there are no military leaders who command you to go on secret missions, here
there are no Kohlar, they have been defeated. You are back doing your
old job, flying to unknown loctions in scientific expeditions.
I game two you are after a mysterious planet of solid metal but the
Kohlar get in your way. Now when everything has cooled down, you
finally get to see your planet.
You and the other ships in the expedition arrive at your destination,
you see the planet but you there are many unknown ships on your radar.
Suddenly your ships are under heavy fire and there is no time for
refueling, you cant get back so you have to fight! The unknown ships
have firepower unlike you have ever seen. What enemy is worse than the

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