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Its taken weeks to get to this point, but here we are. The demo is out, a video of game-play along with the plans for the future.

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We're here!

Final GUI Designs
In-game Screenshots

The last few weeks we have been working to get the feel and style perfect for Aaargh, today we released the first playable demo which is currently playable on our main site - We desperately need feedback on this, your thoughts will really help shape the way this game goes in terms of development. This is just the first step for Aaarghmageddon and we truly believe that with enough hard work and dedication we can achieve our goals and release a fully fledged game.

In terms of features the demo currently includes:

  • Basic Zombie Creation
  • Meat system
  • Human and Obstacle AI
  • GUI System
  • The new look and feel for Aaargh
  • Tutorials on how to play

Feel free to rip the game to shreds, tell us what you hate about it (or like?) if there is anything you think we should do or even.

Where we plan on going from here

We hope that people will provide feedback, which we will then take on board and add to the game. After that we will add in the Mutations system along with creating the levels that drive the story behind the game.

This will be a long process but we will keep everyone up-to-date along with adding frequent screenshots / videos of progress.


I would like to thank Sima De Lambert, James Hockley, Aaron Ahearne, Edward Martin's, David Lord, Adam Finch, Robert Nicholson and Matthew Love for their continued support and encouragement during the development of Aaargh (Not to mention the bug finding work!)

Also, fellow team member Kris Fosh for his fantastic artwork, design talents and production skills!



Art and music/sfx are really of commercial quality - beautiful, consistent - simply outstanding. You really need to work on controls though, I did try playing it and it isn't so obvious e.g. how to summon the zombies, I suggest adding keyboard shortcuts for specific actions... Anyways - good job!

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Warrozo Author

Thank you! This is just the beginning, we will be adding in all sorts of weird and wonderful features along with tidying up what we have already.


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This is awesome!

I Feel a good future for this game

Graphics Are great,
Music is Great

and did u use some stab effects from cs? lol

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Warrozo Author

Thank you!

Nope all of our sound effects are made by Chris Jolley, a musical / sound effect god!

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Wow! Very good! This game has amazing potential. The art style is pleasing, the animations are smooth, the controls are fairly easy to get used to, the overall quality is excellent, and its about zombies of course. This is a great way to re-invent the zombie game without the over-used left 4 dead fps style game play. I wouldn't mind paying a reasonable price to buy this. I have no doubt the future levels will be great! Good luck and great job.

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