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Stellar Assault FSO has launched its public production. But we still need help! If you have Modeling, 2D Graphics, or Musical talent; please join us!

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As it is, there are still a lot of models to make, and a lot of textures to put down. A few more LUA scripters would be nice too.

The coolest thing ever though. Would be an amateur sound engineer! For sound effects, and most important, high fidelity remakes of the original Stellar Assault music.

As it is, I don't usually beat around the bush in terms of making my thoughts clear, so I really don't have much else in terms of input.

So it comes down to this:
We would love to get at least:
2 more Modelers/Texture Artists
1 more Lua Scripter
1 Sound Composer! (Please!)

-The Stellar Assault Team

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