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Macho man Shooter needs help: Voice actors, animators and warcraft 3 fans!

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Hello Moddb community!

Macho man shooter is almost hitting final open beta stage, but before we can release the mod, we need a bit help. We are trying to finish open beta before Febrauri 2010, which means we have a lot of work to do this month.

The minigame itself is practically done, which includes all the triggering and mapping and art.
There is one crucial thing we dó need though and some minor features that would just make the mod better!

What we really need at the moment, are new animations for our models, which we acquired from a really great guy, under the pseudo General Frank. We tried to edit his models thus, that they do not only have a forward walk animation, but also a backwards, strafe left and right, plus all those while the model is shooting.

The problem is, that our teammembers aren`t really known in the world of modelling and animating so the animations we created were either ugly, not compatible, attachments like the gun not working, or all of the above. General Frank didn`t respond yet, so we are asking yóu to come help us!

Second of all, we can always use good sounds. Shooting guns, zombies screaming for brains and so on. If you think you have a good voice for voice acting than you can contact us too! We need a raw orc voice, a high squeeky goblin voice, a sweet soft princess voice and a human marine voice.

Last but not least: Balancing and tweaking. If you have great ideas after you have seen our map. Have comments or critics, please let us know! A solution to problems, remarks, critics along with it would be very appreciated too.

We hope to recieve some help soon, so we can make our deadline!
Contact me at!

Thank you and see you on the battlefield, Johan van Buggenum (Numen[NL])

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