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The Mario Kart Source Dev-Team is looking for help!

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The Mario Kart Source Dev-Team is looking for help!

We're looking for people who can help us on coding. Programming is probably the hardest part in a game development. In fact, it's the reason why no news have been posted since last year.

Our coders are a little busy now: OneEyed is still working on the kart system, one of the biggest parts of the code, Ramu isn't available, too much problems in his life, and Yo1dog can't help a lot too due to lack of free time. Dragon, one of the level designer of the team, started to help too, but it's not enough to get some nice progress.

It's why we're searching for people who know C++ programming well and have a knowledge of the Source engine programming. And, of course, some free time for this. We can't continue to get people who doesn't have time!

Having an experience in Source coding will be a big advantage. Never programmed under Source Engine? If you have time, you always can try i! Just check the Valve's wiki and try!

We're looking for an GFX artist too. We have only one artist now (Wind Helleven), so another people for making textures and graphics isn't too much. Photoshop is recommended since there is a plugin which export pictures into Source texture, but there's no problem about using another program like The Gimp.

For more informations, check the "Open Positions" section of the website.

Hope we will find some help. Future of Mario Kart Source depends of you!

KillerMapper ~ MKS Team.


Dang... If I knew how I would help. I'm a (Good) mapper though :/

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What are you actually having trouble with in the code? Lag, VGUI, etc?

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Well that's not really useful but I wish you good luck with finding a coder, nevertheless.
Although I'd say you better go and search all possible forums and sites for people instead of asking for them here.
It seems to be a faster and better way of getting new people ...

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_Mapper Author

We're looking for mappers too, just check the open positions ;)

For code, well general code: entities, HUD/VGUI, networking, players, weapons...

Everybody who wants to offer his help, just come on forums and PM me.

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I can do graphics design in Gimp, pm me if you think I can help.

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