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AMaM is in need of help... Your help! Development of mod such big as AMaM requires a lot of time, and since I'm a little busy with map and units, I need someone capable of making ancillaries and/or campaign scripts ;) Any volunteers are welcome, please contact me via private message!

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If you're still reading this, I hope you're interested in helping me ;) If you don't know or remember what ancillaries are, it's a Medieval 2 feature, which improves, or worsens characters command, authority, influence, and so on. They are containing an icon and short description. It shouldn't be hard to learn how to make these even to a total newbie in modding ;) Ancillaries I wish to implement are mostly feudal titles, like "Duke of Silesia" or "Bishop of Riga". Unfortunatelly I really don't have time to take care of this by myself, so I'm counting on you guys! And girls, if there are any here ;)

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