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Hey, this is [R3v0]obliterator789 here, and I'm posting an official news flash here on the group I have started.

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Hey all, and welcome to the first news update so far in the mod group. I'm glad so many of you have joined the group, and I hope many more join.

I'm glad to announce that the group's mod, Star Trek at War is no longer dead in the water, and is starting to make a bit of progress. I've already got a few people who are going to be dedicated to working on this mod.

Thank you
Gabrielvlx, for your help with xml coding
Starewars, for being a great friend and agreeing to start learning how to model
Spinobreaker for all your advice and hard work on Sci Fi at War
MerlinGalgotta, for all your help, tutoring, advice, and help in directing me in how to work with mods

Now, some progress, our coder Gabrielvlx has made progress, still classified what he's working on. I've figured how I'll be able to edit icons and other such things, so that will be changed, and things are starting to fall together.

BUT, (yes there has to be a big but) we need more help, and that's where you come in. I will be posting some polls for what things you want and dont want, which splash screens will be used, etc. And, I need YOU to pitch in some work, if you can, in helping the progression of this progress. If any of you have modding skills, I want you to PM me here on telling me what you can do if you want to help out. Your helping will greatly speed up this project.

Thank you for your time, and your dedication to this group


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