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just a quick read to tell you what we've got what we need and how were going to get it

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Ok people this is the first news post for this mod what i will basicly say is that i can map and model fairly well. I am also a quite decent concept artist how ever i need help in only two areas for the time being,

  • A texture artist (capable of both terrain or model texturing preferably both).
  • A second modeler capable of living objects as i am very inable at creating living things and am much more capable with hard surfaces.
I would like a programmer however i understand they are in short supply so i will try to learn c or c++ my self and if you can i would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.

For now i am working on some maps for the game i have 4 in concept and should have some pics up in a week or two. So any way PM me if your interested i would love to hear from you on your views on the concepts and what i should do to make them better. Ever thing will be taken on board but if i decide against it it will not be in the mod.

So far we have three teams made with a hope of 5 the list is as follows.

  1. russia logo colourunited soviet socialest republic(USSR).
  2. asia logo colour asian communist army(ACA).
  3. europe logo colour european military confederation (EMC).
  4. peoples liberation armypeoples liberation army (PLA).
  5. united states of americaunited states of america (usa).
we may add new teams if development works out or take some away if it is going too slow. we want to focous on balance as much as we wnt to focous on explosions and guns =D.

this concludes this post and i should hope to have more content by wednesday.

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