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Welcome here, folks. Let's talk a little about our modification!

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I warmly welcome you to the first article of R&F page.

You have chosen to read about our modification, so thank you very much for that!

I want to tell you that the modification is still in work process.

Lots of screenshots are from the "alpha" version.

Still there is a lot to say.

On this date (note: The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre events happened 93 years ago.) i counted the models of all the characters we created with the team, and we reached the exact number 100. Crazy huh?

We have a lot of plans.

For example :

- New weapons [Thompson 1921, Berreta M1918, black variant of Colt 1911, and lot of new revolvers, rifles..]

- New cars [For example our skilled modeller created Detroit Electric Car.]

- New story [18 new chapters which are already written.]

-New characters [Not only Don Peppone, there will be a lot of characters. Civilians, Gangsters,]

-New animations [Every special character will have own walk, standing and running.]

-New locations [Even it was really hard, we figured out how to breathe life into the city. ]

-New gun sounds [They really sound wonderful!]

That should be all for today, next time i will write more to you.

See you soon.


- OravinCZ

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