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Quick introduction to Ultimate Minecraft Server Creator and how plugins will work!

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So what is all this palaver?

Have you ever wanted to set up your own Minecraft server on your PC but have never had the time/skills or just plain can't be bothered going through loads of files to edit and configure your plugins? We certainly have. It can get exhausting sifting through dozens of .yml files as well as creating and setting up the server it's self. That's why we've created this application that will take care of all of that for you!

Really? All of it?

Well, at least 99% of it I'd say! So that's good news! Let's say you're thinking of starting a server for your group of friends to play on, it's as easy as opening up UMSC and clicking create new server, putting in some default settings and clicking create! Easy as that. Now that you have a server, understandably not everyone wants to play straight up vanilla Minecraft, that's why we've added support for popular server APIs such as CraftBukkit and Spigot (please be aware we do not distribute these files due to legal issues). Moving on, lets say you can't be bothered sifting through popular websites for popular plugins and such that you'd like, that's no problem! We've included our own plugin manager that allows you to search from UMSC supported plugins as well as the huge library of plugins on the internet! Once installed, edit them as you please!

What is a "UMSC supported plugin"?

Well, since we're trying to create a customised GUI for each plugin, it's simply not possible for us to have pre-configured options ready from start for all plugins, therefore we will be selecting some of the most popular plugins to be supported from launch and adding some as we go along through updates! So, you're probably wondering if you have to download the plugins yourself? Yes and no! Unfortunately, it's technically against the law for us to provide plugins to you without permission (as well as immoral!), therefore we have to contact a lot of plugin creators to ask them if it's okay that we add them to our servers for you to download straight from UMSC! But never fear! Even if some plugin creators do not give us permission or we cannot get in touch with the creator, we can still support that plugin, just not provide it!

How do I request plugin support?

Don't worry! That won't be a problem as you will be able to request a plugin to be supported by sending us a quick feedback message including the name of the plugin, a link to the latest version and a contact email. Hopefully we'll be able to eventually support a mass amount of popular plugins!

What if a plugin isn't supported?

Again, don't worry! We've got you covered there too! If a plugin isn't supported we have built something called compatibility mode which attempts to grab all possible options from a plugin's yml file(s) and presenting them to you in a user friendly view! This also stops you from making any mistakes by editing the yml files yourself (damn them tab spaces).

Well, that's all for now! Keep your eyes out for more updates!

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