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I am announcing my new project: Half-Life: Legion

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Hello all

I am the-middleman and I am hereby announcing my newest project:

Half-Life: Legion

What is it?
A new Half-Life mod. Singleplayer. Thirdperson shooter. Based on Spirit of Half-Life.

You control a three man team. An assault, a support, and a sniper soldier. Each soldier has a different weapon and a special ability. You shoot you way through the maps and try to complete mission-goals. There are allways tons of enemies and only limited supplies. That means that you should avoid enemies where you can and take the safest spot.

Although I am using Half-Life content such as textures and enemies this game does not play in the Half-Life universe.
The time is very far in the future and the place is very far away from earth.
The main character is a young man who joins the Legion. The legion is an elite fighting-troop that supports the regular army of the Empire.
In the name of the Emperor he fights in many wars and conflicts in the most remote edges of the universe.
He is very efficient at his job: killing the enemy. But he shall soon find out that the world is not black and white. Who is the enemy?

Mod status?
I have only just begun. I am currently a one man team. I spent the last two months just creating the three soldiers and their abilities and they are still not bug free.
Whats missing? Everything. Maps, models, sounds, a real storyline.

Time plan?
I don´t really have a time plan. I don´t know if I will ever finish this project because I allready know it is going to be HUGE.
However I do have a idea what needs to be done.
1. Create lots of maps to test and refine the gameplay. See if it is still fun after 10 missions.
Maybe I will need one or two co-mappers for this. I will let you know.

2. Once we have a solid base of playable maps and the team is still motivated I can start looking for more members to replace more of the game content. We will need custom models, mostly for the player and enemy characters. Also custom sounds, textures and sprites will be nice.

3. If the mod has taken that step we must finalize and integrate the storyline. That means writing a screenplay, putting the maps in an order that makes sense, create lots of cutscenes. Then we must get voice-actors.

That is just a rough outline of what needs to be done. It is a herculean task.

Do not expect regular updates. I am a full-time student, half-time worker and only spare time modder.

What is Spirit of Half-Life?
I will not go into detail now. Only this much. Spirit of Half-Life is a Half-life mod for people like me that don´t know how to code. With it you can change great parts of the original Half-Life game without writing a single line of code. It is like little code-pieces that you can combine in the map-editor. This is also the reason why some parts of the mod may look strange to you. For example you will find out that the Legion-soldieres are very poorly animated. Working with Spirit of Half-Life can be very creative but you are also VERY limited in what you can actually do. Also there also lots of bugs which I will not be able to iron out, even in the final version of this mod.
For more information go here:

Thats all for now

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