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Here is an update of the current state of affairs, a little insight into the design decisions, and a little form of introduction.

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I am quite happy i found IndieDB when browsing the web, feeling quite small in my own little endeavors to get my stuff out into the world. With that said, i hope this will give me the lift i need to grow into the game development world.

Since i first conceived the idea to create a horror game and plunge myself into new territory i felt the games such as Slenderman, Vanish or SCP Containment Breach with their instant-death would be an unfair route to take. For this reason i have opted to create a little more forgiving creeper and some form of health, however as with many developments this may be subject to change. Another point to note is all experience i have in regard to these games is watching Let's Play videos, the closest thing to something scary i have ever played is most likely the DooM series. I am open to any comments and criticism to help me improve on this as well.

The game as i have uploaded on this date is already a little behind on the current developments, some friends have plated it and some feedback was incorporated. Using this feedback i have decided the creeper mechanics weren't quite working in the slow and menacing way, forcing me to reconsider the path to walk on this subject. This change in approach has led to shifting from a Slenderman style creeper to an Alien Isolation style, where stealth and remaining hidden is more important than running for your life.

Regarding any story or plot, i have already added some pieces of information into the game. These items will be expanded upon to reveal some of the games backstory and prior events. I chose for this method of narration because it is not invasive towards the gameplay and for the players that love to piece together the puzzle it gives an extra challenge.

As for the future of this game, there will be steady progress and as soon as i feel an update is substantial enough to be released i will be sure to throw it out into the world. During development however i might opt to release Windows only versions, this to focus my efforts on a platform i can support the best.

Stay tuned for more info!

- Arthraeis

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