Well, that. Hey everybody, introduction to our game.

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Hello world.

My name is Joaquin Medrano, also known as Floyd (or many other names) and I'm here to present my first big game (or my first game, period), Project Bullets.

The game is an up-to-4 (maybe 8, someday) people 2d shooter arena, where different characters shoot each other until one of them run out of lives (or begins to reload). And that's it. Different modes are planned in the future, but the core will be the same: Be a better player than the other guy. Oh, and you can change your own gravity, because why not.

The game is still in early development alpha (roughly 1 or 2 months of work). I'm planning to release a public free alpha someday in the next weeks, then probably go to Early Access or something like that, if I have the public.

Currently, we are two people working at this game, a friend doing the new sprites (the sprites in the current material placeholders because nobody likes a block without expression) while I'm doing the rest of the stuff. I had to give a name to my "game studio" because it was required in my country, so I called it "Madwolf Studios". Things should go right, this won't be the last with that name.

Anyway, I'll be posting more updates soon. I'll be really grateful to receive feedback so I can take the game in the right direction.

Please, if you like our work, consider giving a like to our facebook page and/or (better if it's an "and") subscribing to our Youtube channel.


Thanks for passing by <3


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