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We are about to release a wonderful little journey for you...

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It's never too late to start a developer's journey, though we have to admit, we are rather late with it. While these words are being typed, a massive bug list is shrinking with increasing speed, hopefully to nothing, just before midnight. In only a few days time, we are releasing a mysterious game called "Totem's Sound".

So, what is this project about? It's about an adventure, that actually took place. In 1881, a norwegian (former) whaler called Johan Adrian Jacobsen was commissioned to travel to the other side of the world to collect cultural artefacts for the Museum of the German capital Berlin. The brave Norwegian packed his pockets with money and tobacco and went to haggle with the tribes, from the shores of Vancouver Island all the way up to Alaska. Almost 2 years later, he returned with an abundance of objects, masks, canoes, totem poles, garements, harpoons, copper pieces and more.
132 years later, several artists were commissioned by a conglomerate of German museums to read Johan Adrian Jacobsen's travel journal and make... something. And so we decided to make a game.
Almost a year later, (exageration for dramatic effect, it was only 7 months), we had some sort of action adventure (made with the power of Löve) with almost no bugs left. We had a game about a day in Johan Adrian Jacobsen's journey, featuring an unfortunatly converted village, a grumpy old woodcarver, a friendly cannibal, several forests, a pretty cool tribal princess, a bunch of angry seals, an annoying tribesman and way too many mosquitos.

So, come back on sunday, then we'll deliver Totem's Sound. For free!

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