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An introduction to me, to the project, and to what will happen since now on here.

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I’m Adre, a 30yo developer living in Rome and CEO of @LevenLab, a small & young creative agency which develops games and apps for commercial purpose.
I’ve always been an hardcore gamer, a MMO lover since Ultima till Darkfall, a group leader, a strategy planner, and then a developer.But ok, is enough for now, i am pretty sure we’ll have chance to know eachother quite well in the next days…
Anyway, let’s go to the hot topic.Everyone has a dream-game in mind which wishes was already out to play it all day long for years.
Next is for me THAT game, and i am opening this blog to describe the hard, really hard development i am starting right now.

Why documenting the development process?
Because developing what i have in mind will be hard.
First, i want to see how many are like me, how many players think the offer in mmorpg lacks anything really interesting, really hardcore.
I am pissed off by theme parks, half completed games, korean farming-focused boredom in pixels.
I am pissed off by games with amazing visuals that hook not more than 1 month, games that i don’t know even why are they online.
I am pissed off by games that are story driven, and by games that don’t have a story at all.
By games that are just a run to the caplevel, and by games that when you reach the cap are just a spam in chat and a mere execution of the same 2 dungeons over and over waiting for another content, if not endless farming sessions just to burn some time.
So you would say “play a sandbox and stfu”.
No. Because i already played them, since Ultima Online, to SWG, till Darkfall. I want something more, we have tech and knowledge now to do something more.I want MY game, which i will describe soon, in the next days.
Second, I want feedbacks, tips, and opinions from you, so we can decide together how the game will shape in mechanics. We’ll discuss what would be better to implement at first and what later, what should be not implemented at all, how deep we should go with the lore, how large should be the world. What we wont discuss will be the lore, which we are already shaping and is a work that’s going on since 2 years, based on researches, books and an entire genere filmography.
Third, we’ll be in need of help. The project is HUGE, what i have in mind can be totally developed, completed and released, but i will need capable hands, skilled mmo lovers, amazing server programmers, artists, bloggers, whatever the project will need. What i want is to create the first virtual dev team, the first software house which had birth not from the money and funding but from the passion.Last point is that i want the process documented, for future purposes. What steps we did, what decisions we took, so will be clear to the gaming world that Next is what will be, because Next is perfectly what we want to play. What if i fail?Chances i’ll fail are high, of course, this is a really hard project to start in just few guys.
This is also up to you.
As many will follow the project, as much the project will shape fast.
As many will offer their skill to shape Next, as fast Next will grow.
If i’ll be alone, of course Next will never happen and the gaming world will lose an opportunity.So… what?This is just an “Hello World!” post. I decided to start this as i really felt, because this is something i had in mind since 6 years, and i feel that now is the time.
For now, i invite you to follow the dev blog, to share it, to invite others to read about and follow it.
I'll update the blog with dev speechs, engine updates, lore stories, concept arts, playable demos step by step.

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