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Introductory post where I cover a genre I call Action-Puzzlers, and my motivations for making Freq Leak.

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Hello Internet,

This is my first solo game, meaning the first game I'm programming myself. I'm teaching myself AS3 with Flashpunk as I go, since this is the only way I know how to learn. Freq Leak is functionally very simple, and I believe I can figure most of it out. I'm very excited to see where it goes, and to get some gameplay made so I can let people play it.

I'm not sure what genre to call Freq Leak. It's like a puzzle game, but with constant motion and rapid instinctual decisions to make. I love games that require this kind of fast, logical decision making. Other games like this I can think of at the moment are Tetris, Super Hexagon, and another game I'm developing called Rapid Stack. To succeed at these, you must play them until they are second nature, and you can really lose yourself in the joy of defeating the randomized challenges thrown at you. I've recently been calling them Action-Puzzlers, and these may be may favorite kinds of games.

If you're interested to see the process of an aspiring developer learn as he creates a simple minimalistic Action Puzzler, stick around. I plan to post updates twice a week, and will have a playable demo, however bare-bones, by next week.

Thanks for reading!

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