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thanks for stoping by my game high contrast this is my first game ever and i stared it as a summer project and showed it to a few of my friends and they liked it so i uploaded it here and would appreciate if people would leave comments and suggestions to help me better this game.the game uses contrasting blocks of colour to create a surreal confusing world. the game will be non-violent as in no killing people as of yet (could change) i am using the doom engine so that when the game is finished most consoles and computers could use it via source ports. the back story will be something along the lines of a experiment gone wrong or something along that line of thought. so track comment and give me reasons to make this game
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Something came to my mind... A mad scientist messing with colors blowing up his lab and making the whole facility sucked in vortex of high contrast colors.

This is just a suggestion but something came to my mind while thinking about all this.

Player is the only employee in mad scientist`s facility who survived, while exploring he sees some people stuck in walls whole colored.
And also unawareness of scientist`s plan going in planned evil way.

It`s just a suggestion. ;)

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