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Hello Neighbor: Alphas Combined is going to be bigger than I expected..

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So, I have a mod that isn't very popular, it's called Hello Neighbor: Alphas Combined and I've put a lot of effort into the mod as of recently and it's very time consuming. I don't know if anyone would even want to help and even if they did, I don't know how to import models or add them to some sort of development team. The game will consist of Act 1 (Alpha 2), the introduction of the game will reside in act 1 and the basement part is up to interpretation, I will give a hint of what the basement part is at the end of this article. Act 2 (Pre-Alpha), the new house, there will be some puzzles from alpha 2 and pre alpha mixed together, the basement part of act 2 is the present unlike act 1's basement. Act 3 (Alpha 1) is after you get out of the basement a l i v e and the neighbor made some upgrades to his house. The house will have puzzles from pre alpha, alpha 1, and alpha 2. Some examples are the rifle range minigame, the generator switcher puzzle, and the secret code puzzle from pre alpha. I don't know how I'm going to do this, I'm stressing out and need help with this project, it's way bigger than I expected it to be. So if you are even reading this, I need help, I'm stressing out and can't do this alone, if I do this alone the mod will be trash, I don't want it to be trash like all the other mods that I have made on steam. Thank you for reading this if you even are. And as I promised, the act 1 basement takes place in the past, your are in the point of view of the previous neighbor.

Hello Neighbor: Alphas Combined Act 1 House

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