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Aloha Stalkers!

WELCOME to ArmStalker Online! The Team has been working on this project since the days of Arma 2 - for years they have wanted to bring a truly live multiplayer sandbox experience to the universe of Stalker

From the Developers themselves (from their New Year 2017 address on

"Friends as we often note... ...for many years burning the idea of creating a live anomalous zone, where every stalker, will be a living person, everything that happens, happens in the present, instead of the planned plot... Where we will have a chance to test ourselves in the real world, where it will be possible to be challenged, to check if you can become a master stalker from a novice-dumpling... A Legend woven throughout tales told at the hobo-campfire..."

There is much more general information about this large-scale modification for Arma 3 to be found at these links:

ArmStalker Official English Forum

ArmStalker Official Youtube

ArmStalker Official Facebook

ArmStalker Online [WIP] on BIS Official

About the "Creator" of the Moddb page:

I am Uncle Boom. My Official title is "Foreign Representative", Public Relations for ArmStalker Developers and Community, bring information and direct communication to English speaking fans of the project worldwide. I am largely credited as being the first western player to play on the server... While I may be the first English-only American player to go talk to the Russian speaking players on the old WarZone PvP server - I know for a fact that I was not the first American to play on the server :) . Ultimately, who I am is not important beyond my recognized enthusiasm and understanding of the project. The fact is, I never hear anyone speak in English about ArmStalker without wanting to correct some small detail or finish a sentence... I have been following this project rabidly since I first heard of it in October 2015, and I have been lucky enough to strike up a friendship with some group players and at least one administrator/rp curator. I have learned a lot about the direction of the project over the last year, and I work on learning to understand Russian language everyday to help my efforts. I host the Official ArmStalker Group on Facebook where I catalog everything I can about the project, making sometimes too many posts in a day....

This project is something special to me, the players even more so, the friends I have made in the zone - More important to me than all of it... I am honored to be your host, and I hope I do a good job sharing what I know with you guys. If I don't know the answer to a specific question, I will tell you, and I know people who can certainly answer the question - so you can have confidence in what I tell you that I do know.

Good Hunting Everyone! More news and posts coming soon!

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