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Skulls & Timber goes public! Read here as we go a bit more in-depth in explaining what our game will be like. We go over most of the gameplay features and well as future plans and some general info which might be interesting. Thank you for stopping by!

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Skulls and Timber is a 3rd person adventure/combat game in which you play as a pirate in a vast open caribbean environment. You have to sail around to find cargo, treasures and capture outposts to earn gold. Trade with NPC's to buy a bigger ship, weapons, upgrades or clothes. Form a crew and invite other players to help you commandeer big ships to attack other players and steal their cargo and treasures.

NOTE! We are still in VERY early development so A LOT of things you will see are very unfinished and lacking of details and polish. We like to share as much of our pogress as we can. New models, features, changes, patches. So things might look weird and unfinished sometimes. But we believe that honesty is key in developing a great game so please keep that in mind when browsing our media. Thanks! :)


* Early 18th century setting (ships, cannons, muskets, flintlocks, swords, ....)
* Server based multiplayer (between 50 and 100 players we estimate*)
* Day and night cycle
* Treasure hunting
* Capturable / controllable and moveable floating forts
* Outpost and trade ship capturing which generate gold income
* 8 player crew system with custom name and flag customization
* Many different ship types all with different qualities (more cannons, speed, armor, ...)
* Ship upgrading and in depth customization (You can own many ships and sell them)
* Auctioneers, banks, traders and active commerce (cargo transporting, fishing, bounty hunting, ...)
* Many items to buy/collect (weapons, clothing, upgrades, ships and even vanity)
* Resource gathering (wood, iron, cloth, ...)
* Large open world with lots of unique islands (swamps, beaches, jungles, vulcano, cliffs and more)
* Navigational items (spyglass, map, compass)
* Simple but fun gameplay mechanisms. No tedious stuff.

Also to be added later:
* Dungeons, temples, ghost towns, caverns and more
* A.I. Enemies (skeletons, spiders, giants, zombies, sea monsters and more)

* The exact number of max players per server are subject to change. We are still too early in development and haven't done any serious server stress testing yet. As soon as all the core features are done we will do extensive stress tests to accurately determine what the player cap will be.


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