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Hey there, I'm Kyle Bacon and I'm the Marketing Manager & Multimedia Artist from Studio 4Eyes. Today I bring you news about our long term, long project Faith!

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A little about us, Studio 4Eyes...

We are an indie games studio, located in Melbourne Australia. We aim to make games for the mobile/tablet and PC systems! Our team consists of 3 artists and a programmer we are:

Michelle Lavryssen - Production Manager
Daniel Popovic - Lead Programmer & Lead Designer
Han Tsai - Lead Artist & Vice Project Manager
Kyle Bacon - Market Manager, Community Manager & Multimedia Artist

We all wear glasses, that's how we came up with a name, anyways onto the important stuff!

We are currently working on 3 projects, 2 small and one large and all different types of games, but today I'm here to talk about our large project game titled Faith. We will be working on Faith over the year while working on smaller projects. So a little about Faith...

Faith is a game where you play as a God and your mission is to provide "your people" with the resources they need to live and advanced (as we do in real life). You have no limits of creation, but you the more power you get from your people the better your creations can be, for example you can create trees, with more power you can create better trees that your people can get more wood from thus not having to create trees so often.

There is a catch, helping your people is your mission but you need to make sure your not too generous with creating everything. If people see you create everything they need and ask for, they become dependent on you and will get very lazy and just expect you to do everything for them.
So you need to balance yourself on helping and watching your people grow and learn by themselves otherwise your people won't really advanced or do anything and lets face it, being a God is hard enough work and your wanting them to advanced!

As your people advanced, they will start to expanding and do very well with themselves, but this attracts attention of monsters and bandits and they are nothing but trouble! Its up to you to either help your people or let them get attacked by them and they will learn from that experience, so the next time a attack happens, your people will know to defend/fight back or maybe build walls? The bandits/monsters wont know of your existence, but your people will start to wonder about you, if you exist and such.

Its in very very very early stages, at the moment you currently can:

  • Create Trees, and they grow. They also grow quicker when near water
  • Create Water
  • Village people cut down trees
  • Village people build houses
  • Village people can reproduce

Well thats all for now, I hope that gives you a pretty good idea on the game we are working on and will be updating as much as we can here with concepts, screenshots and even video footage of gameplay. Faith is currently being built with Unity, we plan on releasing this on PC and if we can manage to get it running on Tablet devices, we will also be releasing it on Ipads and Android tablet devices.

We can be followed on Facebook and Twitter

Thanks for reading!

- Kyle Bacon

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