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welcome, to a whole new bloody adventure where are you're 4 player brawling desires have been answered.

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Hello everyone!
On behalf of the Armor team, I want to say hello to everyone and welcome, to our webpage and gladly introduce you to, Armor. A new genre of action adventure.

Armor, a bio-armor technology has been discovered by four government elite soldiers who never thought this would happen to them. On a simple mission of infiltration became a nightmare they could never escape.

Their mission was simple... Infiltrate the science laboratory, find the bio-weapon the government sent them to retrieve. Upon coming in contact, little did they know this bio-weapon was a living creature and attacked them. By entangling its prey within its tentacles and muscle, the bio-weapon encased the four elites within itself. Within moments, the alarms within the facility were set off and the guards were sent rushing to the lab.

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