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There is new media, and any interested contributors should read the contents of this news article.

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Hello everyone, this is MagnumPI. After you check out the new Eggplant Field Manipulator, read this:

If anyone wants to contribute anything to this project, contact me through PM or through e-mail at:

I am especially looking for people who can either make new music or sound effects. They don't have to be awesome. If I think that they are funny, and high enough quality (sound wise), then I will probably add your name to my list of contributors.

However, if you are a graphic artist or modeller, don't be afraid to send me your models/re-textures to my email, Like with the sounds, if they are high quality, funny, and fits with the theme of the mod, I'll add your name to the list of contributors.

If you want to join the team as a semi-permanent member, then apply to join the dev group,


Well, that's all from me, so...
Eggplant Field Manipulator

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