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New game HellMaze Online introduction and first dev log

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So HellMaze Online is going to be a four players survival game in a randomly generated, ever-changing maze with a souls like difficulty. four representatives from four clans will fight against each other and the maze monsters to be the last standing and bring honor to the clan.

I am a unity developer (programmer and game designer) and currently working alone so all the art that you see is mostly free assets so don't get to hard on me with that... on another note I am looking for a 3d modeler and animator partner.

So what the game already have? fully functional multiplayer, randomly generated maze, 1 player character and 2 monsters. if it doesn't sound like much than wrong, that is most of the "ground" that the game needs, more monsters, more characters, potions etc all can be added rather easily when you have a good "ground".

thanks for readying and i hope you liked the concept and will follow for next updates :)


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