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As of Dec 16th, 2009 the latest full and solo edditions of Hell Unleashed are available!

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-Normal is now easier in a number of different ways to be more casual friendly: potions, gear, gems, enemies
-Hell is now somewhat tougher
-Quest flag requirements have been removed from all portals other then the Throne of the Dead and the Land of Shadows
-Counter rates from bosses reduced, on hell this is offset by increased power of counters
-Tweaks to sets, uniques and runewords accross all levels
-3 new amazon class uniques based off the two handed spear
-14 new runewords
-Hirelings level up easier
-Shadow Warrior/Master now display as such is the pet icons
-Jewls are more expensive to gamble for


-Minimum number of player spawn is now 2 instead of 3
-The majority of the dungeons have been slightly deecreased in size, though champs and named enemies remains the same
-Melee amazons buffed
-Singer barbs buffed
-Avenger Buffed
-Phoenixsins buffed
-Fire trappers buffed
-Fire druids buffed
-Rabies druids buffed
-Assassins can now summon both shadow warrior and master
-Conviction added as a synergy to Holy aura and sanctuary skills for an alternative path build... it is still intended to be a 60 point build and
the synergy bonus remains the same
-Fixed some buffed runewords, uniques and set items
-Crafting has been tweaked
-Many mercs have been updated and tweaked for more versatility



-Elemental Bow/Javalin skills have been buffed, poison benefiting the most
-Multi-shot will now do 3/4 normal damage again as in its original form
-Less range on guided arrow, will auto-hit once again but no longer pierce
-Melee spear skills buffed


-Most skills slightly buffed
-static field has its range reduced.


-Bone armor AC buffed
-Bone skills buffed in damage
-Less range on bone spirit
-Skelemages damage buffed


-Smite will no longer be affected attack speed
-Sacrafice buffed
-Blessed hammers damage very slightly decreased


-Elemental melee skills buffed
-Fire skills buffed


-Kick skills buffed
-Martial arts skills buffed
-Trap skills buffed
-Reduced HP gain per level
-Increased HP gain per VIT


-Many other minor balancing and skill tweaks across the board


-Selling items now merrits less gold


-Sszak string no longer will kill mercs
-Higher end staves have been improved
-Ber runes now give 4% CB instead of 5%
-Skiller charms will be more rare and are now a lvl 80 item with a lvl 80 req
-All zod runewords have been buffed


-Act 1 physical nerf will no longer gain levels in the multi-shot skill through leveling up. Only way to raise it will be through + to skill items.
-A weakned version of the multi-shot skill


-Curses/Freezing duration penalty increased in hell difficulty
-Diablo, Izual, Whitedragon, Hellforge Dragon, Chimera are tougher
-Berserkers now appear at the monastery gates and outer cloister
-Bosses in general will be slightly more durable and an increased chance to block
-Hell difficulty increases
-The Shadows Heroes will prove a greater challenge and cannot be knocked back


-Level 101 now attainable
-Getting level 98-100 will progress more slowly


-Laggy bosses Glasya, Hellforge dragon and Moloch have had their laggyness reduced

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