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Going through a bloody gantlet and some artstyle changes.

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In anticipation to possibly getting a full time job and not having as much time as earlier, thought I'll need to change the artstyle simpler to be able to continue. Didn't get the job, but I'm still being pressured into getting a job, so I should continue with this sort of artstyle anyway. And as an afterthought, maybe I should have started the project with this style, as I also like the simple style.

Bloody Gantlet:

This has become more splatter type cartoony horror now. The level could have some more details and other stuff later. Used standard lightmap lighting, so the blood stains and scorch marks are displayed. Framerate would be fine with realtime lighting and this many monsters around, just the stains don't seem to be working then.

New Weapon Designs:


Shooting a group of zombies with the SMG. Starting the game with this. Wondering if player should find another?


The Shotgun became a double barreled pump action shotgun. Shells ejected after every 2 shots.


The Minigun has a firerate up to 1500rpm. Can make a bloody mess quickly.

Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher can be charged to fire longer distance or tap fired to spam lots of grenades quickly. The earlier throwable bombs are most likely to be removed.

Rocket Launcher

Firing the Rocket Launcher. Wondering if the rockets should be laser guided or do that with some other weapon?

Plasma Gun

Something blue: the Plasma Gun. The plasma balls have small size radius damage (no self damage).

Earlier weapon set kinda lacked colors, everything was orange, except the vampire dagger had some purple. The new weapon set is going to have more colors. The weapons "missing" are Melee/Grapple, Flamethrower, Sniper/Railgun and some Super weapon. Obviously the flamethrower is going to have orange effects, so the melee, railgun and super weapons should have some green and purple/violet effects. All weapons are probably going to have their own ammo types, as it's faster to get models done with this style.


aah, the yearly tease from twinbeast of a game never to be released. almost forgot. and yet, here i am, still waiting for blaze and tigercake. like a fool.

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TwinBeast Author

Guess I've been very deep in development hell. Really want to get this game done. Probably the only thing that could prevent that from happening (anytime soon) is getting that full time job.

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go get 'em, tiger!

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