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Going forward and making more levels, there's new characters too.

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Seems I continued with the scifi themed levels. They were easier to handle while still recovering from something very traumatic that also made me unable to work for some months. Suppose the scifi theme can become like one chapter / episode. Restored the original character textures and added some more characters from my older projects that I thought would fit in this.

Little Gameplay Video:

The weapon set is now a mix of some older and newer weapon designs I've made. Also noticed that I've put so much monsters into the levels that using realtime lighting only makes the framerate drop in bigger areas. Lightmap + realtime dynamic lights is fine.


Monster Gallery

Monster gallery for viewing them. Going close enough, the monster animates, makes noises and there's information printed in the screen about the monster. Some question whether the monsters appear in the gallery after killing them once or are they there right from the start.

The monsters so far, just names in finnish, their finnish names sound funnier than their english names.
Top left: Nihti, Nihti Kapteeni, Panssarityyppi
Top right: Hiisi, Piikkisuu, Zombi, Raakalais Teurastaja
Bottom left: Demoni Hirviö, Varjo Hirviö, Demoni Ritari
Bottom right: Lentävä Toukka, Ulottuvuus Laahustaja

c1m1 01
Toxic liquids, you should have a hazard suit before diving in there.

c1m1 02
An outdoor yard, might add some beams/stuff going on at the top.

Blood Processing 01
A blood processing area. Initially this shotgun was single barreled.


Some outdoor area with rain. Still need to think of something for the lightning strikes before using them, the light effect is fine, but the actual bolt that can hit & do damage is not. If the lightning is used, it can hit randomly anywhere in the area with the sky, then it's completely luck based if player gets hit or not, and for gameplay it would be better if it was skill based. So player need to know where the lightning is going to strike a few moments before it strikes.

Grenade Launcher Explosions GIF
Grenades exploding in the darkness. In the longer gameplay video, they're incendiary grenades, in this gif they're still regular explosions.

Magnum Powerup Animation
The game also has options for a retro look with square particles. Note the zombies in this gif weren't changed yet to the original decaying look, though suppose this version could be an alternate stronger zombie?

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In some places of the video above, there are way to many monsters when you ask me. It is so overwhelming that you can hardly see what is going on. It is so hard for a mapper to place the right amount of enemies. Especially because you as mapper/developer play test it each time, so you start to think that it is way too easy. Because you know exactly what to do and where. But new players don't know this. They don't know where to stand, and where the next wave of enemies starts. They are just fresh to it all and will be buried beneath all action. This is something I really had to learn the hard way. My first few mods people complained about silly amounts of enemies, and looking back on it they were SO right! And, let it be tested by fresh players, and can't stress this enough!

Other than that, awesome work you are doing!


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Thanks :) There are difficulty settings, which alter the amount of monsters and other stuff, like how much damage the monsters do and how often they attack. There's also a super easy setting that makes the monsters move extremely slow, so a player who has never played any game before could start with that. There's also a super hard difficulty for very skilled players.

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