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Slonersoft Games, founded by former Call of Duty developer, has released Helios Warp for iOS. To celebrate, they are giving away $100 in Amazon gift cards.

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Helios Warp has dodged, dashed and dipped beneath lasers on its way to the App Store. The futuristic infinite runner presents an exciting cyberspace experience backed by a soundtrack featuring some of the most talented artists in the synthwave scene.

Many years ago, your cyberspace overlords enslaved an unwitting humanity who willingly merged their consciousness with their deity, The Great Social Network. Everyone seems to have forgotten the material world, until one day an outsider arrives, entrusting you with his cyberspaceship with his dying breath. Will you make it out alive?

Helios Warp is the first commercial release from Slonersoft Games, founded by Michael Slone, contributor to blockbuster franchises like Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Zombies, Saints Row and Red Faction. Players are offered 19 unlockable ships, each of which has its own set of abilities, strengths, and defenses. "With Helios Warp, I have made the kind of mobile game that I want to play. I love infinite runners, but I wanted to take it a step further by presenting players with a meaningful sense of progress, power, control, and a backdrop of light and sound that is a treat to your senses. I've worked on high budget games that are played by millions and millions every day, and now I'm happy to be working on something focused and tight."

To celebrate the release of Helios Warp, Slonersoft Games will be giving away $100 in Amazon gift cards at the end of April 2015. To find out details, check out the Slonersoft Facebook page.

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