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Helena The 3rd, our indie action platformer, has been updated with redesigned worlds and controls.

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I'd like to announce a new update to our indie game Helena The 3rd. It's an action platformer that lets players fight mutant enemies from within a jumping tank, and occasionally find power ups in first person style rooms. The worlds and gameplay of the game have recently been overhauled with...

Redesigned Levels:
Our first two worlds have been completely redesigned, and are much more challenging this time around. In addition, you should notice a huge improvement in graphical quality. Watch enemies patrol in the background, and visit ruined temples and crystal caverns.

Helena the 3rd (world 2) Updated  Screenshots

New Controls:
New to the game is the ability to look around and shoot with the mouse. And for the very first time, our control scheme is the same through all 3 modes of the game. The same controls will work seamlessly between the 2D, 3D, and first person areas in the game.

Various Improvements:
There are also a number of various other small improvements, that together improve the gameplay and overall feel of the game.

  • Destructible blocks: New destructible blocks have been added, which can only be destroyed with the appropriate upgrade.
  • FPS gun bob: No longer does your gun appear static, but has a nice animation to it as you run through a level.
  • Variable jump height: tap the jump key to do a small jump, hold it down for a full jump.
  • Dying animations: enemies explode when detroyed, as well as your tank!

I encourage you to download the demo hosted here on indiedb, and give it a try!

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