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This is Ian, the (Ultimate, Supreme, Utterly Indestructible Evil Lord of all)Xeon Box, I've just posted this game...

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This game has just been posted, its release date is TBD, I don't give a crap if you people don't like it.
Yeah, I have no heart. :(

Anyway, if you enjoy, yay, if you don't, I'll try to make it better. 'Cuz I'm flexible to decisions. REL is made exclusively by me. So yay.
Anyway, the gameplay mechanics are as follows
-Move with WASD or Arrow Keys
-Your gun is out of ammo, so use melee like heck!
-Those zombie/monsters are jerks, if they touch you, you'll get hurt!
-You have to escape, you have no ammo and there's no hope, so you have to fly away!
-The city is big, so keep a map or remember the layout!

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