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And it's a FREE UPDATE for everyone who owns Hedon!

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It's finally here...

After 2 years of intensive day and night development, I'm happy to announce that Hedon Bloodrite is out and ready to play! It's been a crazy journey, and Hedon has blown up far since it's humble beginnings as a Doom 1/2 total conversion mod.

Bloodrite comes as a free update for everyone who owns Hedon. It features a new 12+ hour campaign that can be selected from the main menu just like a Doom episode. The campaign also introduces new RPG-style elements and clusters of Hexen-style interconnected levels with multiple ways of progression and lots of secrets for the hardcore explorers!

On top of that, Bloodrite also updates the first Hedon game with improved animations, gore, sounds and quality of life features!


Good news for modders!

The free demo has been updated with all of Hedon's assets, graphics, sounds, code, everything that you can access and mod as you please. Hedon is fully compatible with GZDoom, which allows you to mod it just as easily as you would with Doom.
All you have to do is download the demo from any platform and use the Hedon.ipk3 file inside as a resource in Slade or Ultimate/GZDoom Builder.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

So what are you waiting for now? Go kick some ass!

- Zan_HedonDev


Grats on your release!

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Congrats. Been following this project for a long time. Looking forward to playing the new content.

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Congratulations, it was a great game already.

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