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On this update we'll be discussing Hectic's latest update (2.0) and it's additions, as well as another topic I'd like to jump into.

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Update - 12/6/17:

Hello once again! I am back with some more news, so let's get to it!


Hectic has received it's latest update (2.0) which includes many additions!

Hectic Wallpaper 2 0

The most notable ones are; 3D weapons (they are upgradeable as well), drastically improved AI (this includes different behaviors depending on their health), a complete overhaul of the menu's and HUD (they are now white/gray and much more simplistic), and much more!

Here are some screenshots:




Here's some gameplay (as well as some listed changes):

Download the game here:

Hectic Beta (2.0)


I'd like to talk about the Barlock Games website as well as the Malfunction game page on IndieDB.

I am aware that the Barlock Games website is out of date and I sincerely apologize for that. I have updated the site and you can now find everything you need on there.

As for the Malfunction IndieDB page. Though it will very much stay, I plan on perhaps making a separate page for Hectic's development. Though the Malfunction page may sometimes be a bit....quiet, you can still expect to hear any information regarding Malfunction and it's future titles.

Anyways, enjoy Hectic's latest update, and have yourselves a lovely day!

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