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The Heathen Engineering web site over at has gone through a major update in preparation for team ramp-up.

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Heathen engineering's main site has just been updated with new branding, content and more all in preparation for team ramp up ... that is to say Heathen Engineering is on-boarding a few new developers in the areas of art and writing. You can check out the changes over at the updates will trickle down to the social media sites over the next week to 2 weeks.

Once the team has been "ramped up" we will go heads down again for another sprint as we establish a measureable timeline that should (fingers cross) give us a foreseeable finish by date. In addition I myself and we plan to for the other developers to as well; have blogs up on the main site; the primary purpose here being a candid view into the process of bootstrapping an indie game project from solo to publish... or die trying ;)

The body of work thus far is if nothing else interesting to see. Videos and blog entries from 6+ months back show a steep and rapid growth to the project. Fury has gone from a simple 1 liner concept of blocky shapes streaking across the screen to ever improving shiny ships and intriguing game mechanics. Hidden factors such as project planning, lifecycle management and chain of documents and tools required to get here are my current focus for blogging ... fitting as I prep to on-board new team members.

If you are interested in joining the team drop me a message here on IndieDB or on any of the other social sites. The team is still quite small with plenty of room for innovative ideas and talented devs, artists, etc. to shine.

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