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This mod ain't dead. Its too early for it to die out. Recent updates proves it :D

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Just to let y'all know that this mod is still alive although updates will not come quick. The months ahead will be a major pain in the big A double-S for me, as I'll be tackling a very important exam that might just get my ass out of secondary school and into a higher education institute. I better not screw up. The mod will progress very slowly as I'm the only one working on it so don't expect much. There's shitloads of stuff that needs to be done and they're all far from done. I've began to see that the Empire's vehicles need an overhaul. Its just gonna be more work.

Anyways, two new units have been added into Yuri's arsenal: the Mind Shatterer and the Devourer Cannon. There may be more update coming up later but you can bet that the next update will be 4 to 5 months later ;_; I'm still looking for helpers so PM me if you wanna help (I'm more interested in coders, 3D modelers and SHP artists). So yeah, the months ahead will be hell for me. Wish me luck!

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