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In this post we talk about heading towards first playable demo of the game, and about making the scenes that are needed for it. Also, UI updates.

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Hello there!

We've held a meeting with our band of four dedicated indie developers. We've decided to give the UI a bit of a rehaul. Currently all the inventory slots and eveything is on the screen at once. Next version will include a separate inventory screen, with adjustable weapon slots and quick item slots. This way the player can pause the game to hassle with the inventory items and doesn't have to drag them realtime.

This will be made especially with the later combat scenes in mind, though the game starts with quite slow exploration and horror parts. The UI also needs a separate map screen, which will have the Scene map and the Act map.

One month from now, the end of May 2015, is our target for a playable demo version of the game. It is not yet decided if it's going to be public or not. We are itching to get the players in on the early access, but this will not be that version. We're aiming to produce a coherent demo with four scenes in it, which will feature all the important mechanics of the finished game.

Right now we're knee-deep at work with the third scene, writing scripts for it and laying the assets in place. As you probably know, the game does not consist of a few dozen ready tiles. Instead, all of the scenes will be hand-made to feature an individual look. This is not new, since few games have had it before, like the Sanitarium game, which is our huge inspiration.

That's it for now, cheers!

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