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It's our first devdairy and we wanna talk about how it sterted.

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Hi everyone!

Let me tell you a story about the small and brave team, that decided to follow their dream (sic!) and develop their own game. About a year ago I got fed up with all my office routine and one strange idea appealed to my mind. It was like "wow, man, you like games, why not to make your own one?"


So, let’s do this. Planned a 10-month development plan with some friends and a small budget. That is why we decided to forget about any kind of multiplayer, loot boxes and other f2p stuff. Ok, make it simple and neat - good plan for the start.

Inspiration.. Do you feel it? Well, neither did we, but finally, it came up into the mix of our favorite games — FTL, Darkest Dungeon, Skyhill from an indie side and Arkane’s Prey with some Dead Space setting. So we decided to make a 2D tactical game — hard enough to die a few times, but beatable

So, in 6 months of some development hell, we made an alpha version of our game — Hazardous Space. Recently we showed it on one local gaming event here in our country and it was one of the most popular showcases there.

We got plenty of feedback from players, found a lot of bugs and now we have all chances to work without good sleep for a few months. (Yep, re-balancing all the game, meh’)


Now we are focused on interface improvements, making battle system more engaging, preparing a tutorial and getting ready for Early Access via Steam / Steam Direct:

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