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Introductions to the team, new moddb page and social media.

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So it's been a while aye..

As you may already know, I’m Lokken, AKA Mooney or Mr. Moon. I’m the author of this TC, which I’ve been working on alone for a long time now.
Yes, a long time it has been indeed and I’m sure many of you are itching for even a slightest bit of an update. Worry not, it has not gone unnoticed.
Despite the painfully long radio silence, Trench Foot is certainly not anywhere close to being dead.
As proof, I’d like to give you all the patient folk a glimpse of what’s been going on behind the scenes.

Almost a year ago, I released a very early alpha build of Trench Foot. Ever since then, it has gained incredible popularity among the community, which I’m greatly thankful and humbly proud of.
With its growth, it was only natural that talented and passionate people took notice and wished to get involved. I of course gladly accepted their offer of assistance and was not left disappointed.
Today, the 5 of us work closely together as a collective. Therefore, I’d like to introduce to you its members, starting with…

-Pops, AKA 4shot. First to join me in my quest to make sure Trench Foot fully sees the light of day.
He’s a very valuable member of our team as he provides us with quality sprite art, sound effects delightful to human ears and great assistance on all fronts!

-DyNaM1K, second to join the ranks. Lead coder and a musician. Responsible for making sure the mod works as intended. Next up…

-Shambler, also a musician (surprise!). He’s here to guarantee you feel the intensity and the atmosphere Trench Foot has to offer.
He knows only music, he speaks only in music and we commune with him in music alone. And last but not least…

-Bread Knight. Yes, him. Responsible for acts of madness such as “Too Many Super Shotguns”. Most may only know him through that mod, but he’s a very talented visual designer who makes certain our sprites are pristine.
And you can never underestimate his animating capabilities...

Much has changed during the past year. We've made significant progress to say the least, enough to warrant an update article of its own. Expect that to pop up in your update notifications sometime soon for those extra cool
people who decided to give us a follow on here. We know you want to see much more of Trench Foot ASAP, but we'd like to give you all a proper update once the time is right. Meanwhile, I'd like to officialy welcome you all to
our brand new ModDB page. We know how tiresome it can get visiting a bland page over and over again, so we decided to spice it up a bit to make it more bearable. Speaking of easing the pain of waiting, we're expanding our social
media reach! We'd like to formally invite you all to join our public Discord server, where you can hang out with us and maybe get some extra insight of what's going on behind the scenes. Although, we're not limiting it to Discord
only, as we've set foot on Twitter as well, so give us a follow there!

Unfortunately, that's it for now, but make sure to stay tuned for more! Meanwhile, we'll see you around!

And remember kids! Always be on the lookout for mortar fire before conducting a trench raid! Happy raiding, pilgrims!

Join the community discord here:

Catch us on twitter here:

sovereign military order 3 sovereign military order invertethe eye


Great to hear some news! I've always had complete faith in this mod (still not a fan of the name though) :P

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Great to hear! Stoked for the update article in the future! ;)

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Hell yeah!

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I was never really worried, but glad to read an update. I mean this is moddb, sometimes a mod is "in active development" then you see the last upload was 2015, so a couple months of somewhat quietness didn't really phase me especially with those awesome screenshots trickling in.

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Awesome news. Best wishes and big success to You and your team.

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