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Some tweaks to balance that finally round out the accuracy overhaul, and some nasty bugs getting addressed... Some of which are actually vanilla.

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-Added a variable to modify the degree to which aim focus occurs, to rebalance some last minute ghosts out of the accuracy overhaul
-Bullet weapons now have the crosshair deform accurately based on their area of distribution, and its X and Y axes match the shape of their spread patterns
-Removed tall-wise bias for handguns, as the experimental shape effect is lowkey kind of trash for non-shotguns.
-Slugs in shotguns now use circular spreads again, as makes sense for precision shooting
-Flechette in shotguns now biases slightly tall-wise, but is largely circular, to mix things up
-Rubber/Masterkey rounds in shotguns now have more width bias than rubber slugs, but less than standard shot
-The accuracy floor on weapons is now reflected in crosshair state
-Ammos still loaded in a weapon you own will no longer be deleted if their ammo count is at 0 and another weapon in the same caliber changes ammo type.
-Weapon tilts and recoil will no longer cause invalid camera positions, such as wrapping around to stare at the floor (in the case of tilts) or limiting the maximum view height by aprox 1/8th of its intended value (in the case of recoil)
-Save game storage accuracy has been increased, as to not let saves get jumbled if saved too close to each other in time proximity. Classic DX bug.

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