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It's been a new kind of month for the team, which is teamier than ever! Full list of things done in post body.

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It's been a new kind of month for the team, which is teamier than ever!

Introducing: Kark. AKA EpicKarkian, Kark's a long term friend of mine (WCCC writing, for clarity), and he offered to do some modeling for Hatchet over the summer, in exchange for generally being a cool guy and being able to hone his modeling skills. I admit he's gotten pretty good in a short time.

Kark's Work:
-Modeled a new banner texture with UV-mapped flag. Off into the future, we hope to use this guy to establish territories and whatnot, or just generally solidify ambiance within faction locations!
-Modeled 2 new barrels, one metal, one wood. The wood is composite, of multiple kinds of shoddier wood and the metal sports some odd jury-rig tech, including a screw-on cap.
-Began work on a tarp-and-poles sort of model, for use in Market areas in an upcoming map!

Atrey's Work:
-Explored new concepts for character expressions, including a lot of new, bold code and various facial textures. It's too early to say too much just yet, but it could lead to a handful of expanded things and nice touches.
-Steady work on redoing the HUD's base looks altogether! Atrey's always been better with HUD than I, but he's officially set out to try and see if he can build a better, newer, snazier HUD for Hatchet. I'm giddy over this one in particular.

WCCC's Work (Hey, that's me!):
-Drew a large pixel-art map a few thousand pixels in content. This will likely serve as the basis for the next map being drawn up, there may be screengrabs of this soon!
-Work on mapping that made me realize one of the major shapes of the pixel map had used the wrong geometric formula.
-Consequently, redrew pixel map from near scratch again with adjusted space and shapes.
-Restarted mapping on new map based on new pixel map. Oh lawdy. Think I've learned a good lesson about not double-checking shapes...

I admit I've been tied up with IRL stuff and side bits galore, but I'm trying to pull through and get work done regardless. Expect more into the future! ~WCCC

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