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Another month's flown by, and larger goals have led back to smaller goals again. What got done: Atrey's End: -Experimental video import method. Exciting stuff once we clean it up, for cinematics, in-game media, and so forth. Lots of polishing was done as well. -Music composition. Got a fistful of 10 tracks from Atrey last night, all pretty interesting and a few with real oomph in their ambiance. -Some experiments with pawn code. WCCC: -Mapping. [More in full post...]

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Another month's flown by, and larger goals have led back to smaller goals again. What got done:
Atrey's End:
-Experimental video import method. Exciting stuff once we clean it up, for cinematics, in-game media, and so forth. Lots of polishing was done as well.
-Music composition. Got a fistful of 10 tracks from Atrey last night, all pretty interesting and a few with real oomph in their ambiance.
-Some experiments with pawn code.
-Mapping. Obviously some practice and progress, but also some designs and concepts were drawn up, lore deepened, and lots of chiseling and work towards cartography... for the developer's end, though we want to have a map later in Hatchet.
-Modified the way NPC invincibility works; the new function is extremely oblivion-esque. Invincible pawns can be hurt and even killed like anyone else (invincible pawns are really anti-4th wall already), but they always get knocked unconscious. Lo and behold, about 1 hour later in-game time (or 3 days in any method of passing) later they get back up, with a refill on ammo, health, and armor to keep themselves sustained for prolonged use. Also, Invincible NPCs do not suffer from weapon condition for the same reasons about longevity.
-Remeshed and animated lockpick for Hatchet. New model isn't perfect or as-desired completely, but it's miles better than the old one, and has some new stuff from the original DX picks (IE they break and play a replace animation)
-Fixed the heck out of lockpicking. You'd think copy, paste, and expand would be easy enough, but no, lots of tiny details and oddities inbetween. Think I figured out why some of the weird bugs occurred on and off, and the last dozen or so tests have all come through crystal clear.
-Added belt icon for lockpick, and made said belt icon the skill icon for lockpicking skill.
-Made a super-map that decides the size, terrain, population, town locations, and so forth for Hatchet's open world. Fun stuff. Also, a real journey on that one.
-Modified the way sound pitches play. All gunshot sounds now have 3 variants of random pitch and speed, thus adding chaos and variety to gunshot plays. Also, subsonic produces lower average pitch and high velocity higher average pitch, adding a nifty touch on this as well.
-Cleaned up some code and did some debugging on postponed features, such as daily routines for pawns.
-Hollowpoint 10G slugs, Lead 12G slugs, and stun filling options for 12G and subsonic filling options for 10G rounds. This makes shotguns expanded and tactical, etc.
-Fixed some of the terminology in item descriptions (and there was a lot of them) to meet a consistent theme, also removed some inaccuracies that were found.
-Ammo components that are found inside Hatchet containers now actually randomize their effects, all according to player level and raw chance. This is great for scaling things with level and keeping players interested in looting, and that's always nifty.
-A lot of experimentation with processing textures for a "Hatchet texture theme" as well as texture composition.
-Cleaned up sounds folder and organization. This is pretty minor, but no more TestAssault2.wav vs M460Fire.wav and 10GaugeFireSilencedAmp2.wav... it was pretty technical, but they're all dusted off and grown up now.

-Lockpicks are now craftable. They can be assembled with 20 skill, have their parts crafted for 35, and be refined from scratch for at most 50.
-When lockpicks break, they now either return a lockpick body or a broken lockpick body, depending on the player's skill level. At base, 2/3 of the time it will break. At mastery, it will break only 16% of the time.
-Broken lockpick body parts added. These cannot be crafted, but rather can only be broken down into steel nuggets, and then the steel nuggets can either be recrafted into lockpick bodies (or other steel nugget based items, such as shotgun shell pellets, revbow dart heads and fletching, or medium quality combat knife blades), or can be smelted down for a slight scrap refund. Let it be known that breakdown from part to material has a 50% or possibly higher material return rate, based on crafting skill. You will hope for non-broken lockpick heads instead of broken ones. Additionally, this allows the player to recycle parts of their lockpicks, which is great if you're playing a dedicated infiltration build and don't want to expend excessive resources.
-Took the time to look into a fix for daily routines not working properly on NPC's, and henceforth is fixed.
-Implemented a smoother, cleaner compass and a clock overlay on the compass. You can now tell what time of day it is with ease, which has been needed for some time. With this, the HUD is probably finally finished, which is insane.
-Keys finished being implemented. New system with doors does not require a keyring anymore. Funny store is, it never did, except for differentiating between re-lock and open when unlocked. For Hatchet keys, frobbing with an empty hand = relock, but frobbing with item in hand = open. Either will open the door if it's locked, or at least attempt to in case it doesn't have the key.
-Knockedout type damage (baton type, for reference) now no longer is unable to headshot hatchet pawns. Dunno if you guys knew this, but batons can't do knockout or back-of-head critical hits. Explains why > crowbar damage needs more hits, eh? Headshots are now headshots and back of head shots are now *6 damage instead of *8, but better than *1. KO is still a bit rougher than splitting skulls, but actually makes sense for competent KO's. Also note, is used by rubber shotgun slugs, trenchkat, revkat, and some other odd sources.
-Fixed a funny (bug? quirk?) with trenchkats and revkats. If dropped from high elevations on targets while recently being set to nonlethal mode, they would deal KO damage on fall instead of lethal damage. Seeing how the orientation is identical, this makes 0 damn sense, and revkat will now always deal lethal damage, and the trenchkat will 50/50 on KO and Lethal, regardless of mode. Did the blade hit or the knuckle duster? Let deception decide.
-Pawns now have their accuracy lowered and their movement speed hampered increasingly based on poison or bleed effects. Massive bleeding or poison over time toys with their ability to keep steady aim and pursue at full pace as they start getting a bit dulled in senses. Additionally, this allows players to better track how poisoned a target is. Targets with heavier armor can have this effect as much as doubled (though the base effect is 0-25% tops, so 0-50%) because it's hard to operate in heavy armor already, let alone with tranq flowing through your blood stream.
-Did some work on animal hitboxes. Previously animals could be headshotted if hit in the front in Hatchet. Now they differentiate between head and torso armor like parent pawns. Not sure if we'll use head vs torso armor just yet on animals, but it's good to have the capability. Depending on the animal, we may also exercise different shapes and balances of hitbox (IE what percent of forward space is head vs body)
-Trenchkat nonlethal mode edited slightly. If a trenchkat fails to produce nonlethal damage (~10% of time on nonlethal) it will dish blunt force lethal damage instead of its normal vs-armor lethal damage. This lowers the rate of fatality of the weapon slightly (in that lethal hits are less powerful vs armor and hence less likely to kill if nonlethal fails to proc) and just generally makes sense.
-Worked with hitboxes some for more exact measurements.
-Fixed a couple of bugs in the item generation inside Hatchet Containers. Some code was miswritten and caused some items (for instance a scope comprised of steel ingots) to produce with invalid material types.
-Added hotkeys in trade menus and container inventory menus. E and Q now move things into or out of the source in question (for instance E points right, your inventory is on the left, pushing E sells to shop keeper as you are moving it from your inventory to his.) and as always asks for confirmation.
-When looting containers, the player's duck status is saved, so if you're trying to be sneaky, you'll stay ducked. Pretty simple, pretty handy.
-Added toggle crouch support for looting containers as well. You will stay ducked if you have toggle crouch on after exiting a container.
-Players that are overencumbered will now sink in water. More overencumberance = more sinking. Kind of miscellaneous for the time being, but is a good touch for not leaving ground slow to enter water like a dolphin, by comparison.
-Ammos and Ammo parts now add tool tips to their descriptions on the fly, so new or less-experienced players learn what certain effects provide and do. I don't know how to put this, but it's kind of a big deal.
-Found elusive issue with Fragmentation rounds not converting damage type to lacerate DOT properly. It has been fixed and rebalanced.
-Improved some code that related certain damage type to armor levels, and how some damage types were not relative to armor on hit zone. One massively duplicated, cut, and repurposed function later, all-non-limb-relative calls are now limb relative, including laceration, incendiary, stun, and so forth.

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