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Tis' a lengthy one, Ye best read the full post, me boy.... Krabby Patty Secret Formuler.

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This one's gonna be long, I do fear. Here's what got done this month:

- Mapping, mapping everywhere. Okay maybe not everywhere, but good progress was made.
- Reorganized the hell out of the recipe book's listing order. There are literally hundreds of entries, let me say in a friendly reminder, so this is insane.
* Reorganized listing order of materials to be more convenient (things you want more first!)
* Then further reorganized them not by mechanical (internal) names but by player-seen (external) names. Great example: WeaponOrderSniper vs .50 Cal Doubled Sniper. 50 Cal Doubled Sniper now appears after .45 Revolver and before B3-SAS.
* Placed pickups (medkit and lockpick only thus far) in front of weapons and ammos, since they are expendable and hence more likely to be needed on a frequent basis. You are welcome.

- Fixed a crapload of bugs, including, but not limited to: Coloration error on sleeve of .45 revolver. General rifle scope not recoloring to match body. Scope quality multiplier being applied to the barrel, and visa versa on general rifle presets. Every single bug related to conversion to non-linear weapons. EVERY. SINGLE.

- Made non-linear weapons a thing! THIS IS REALLY COOL! Sorry, but that was caps worthy. Weapons now have tradeoffs and multiple tactics to how you build and personalize them, instead of being universally inferior or superior to another. Now instead of LQ, standard, HQ for 3 options per part, there is now 9: strong, agile, tactical in 3 qualities each.
* Strong parts have high durability, high accuracy, low recoil, and high capacity, all at the cost of draw speed, reload speed, ADS speed, rate of fire, and weight increase
* Agile parts have low weight, high rate of fire, fast reload speeds, and low jam rate, all at the cost of durability, capacity, higher recoil, and lower accuracy.
* Tactical (tacticool?) parts have fast ADS rates, fast draw rates, fast aim focus speeds, and LOTS of tactical options (rifled shotgun barrels, choked barrel for 10mm, muzzle brakes to rarely eliminate recoil 25-50% of all shots, double mags, supressed barrels, and so forth)

- Nerfed brass brightness on revolver's new brass variant by 20%. I was calling it the "butter gun" but it was a royal eye sore, literally. I would say, all around things are butter now. (sic)
- Did some work with replication to eliminate inconsistent holographic sight on M460 rifle
- RevBow darts of poison and standard variety now rarely add dart recovery to the corpses of enemies (40% of time), but not when shattering against heavy armor. This has been done in so many Deus Ex mods already, but only because it's been done in even more overall games in the market these days.
- Fixed a bug related to crafting parts now having 6 dynamic properties vs 5, and it wouldn't iterate properties right.
- Added double mag to General Rifle model in relation to its tactical magazine option it now has. New models for pickup and 3rd with it added, lots of code to make way for flawless swapping out, and generally all the code for its double mag function and so forth.

- Bridged MP Compatability related to Nonlinear weapons setup.
*Fixed a bug with M460 sight rendering wrong color (green) regardless of quality in MP.
*Fixed material and specialization (spec) reading functions returning bad values.
*General Rifle now renders Double Mag and reskins it in Multiplayer.
*Double mags now work in MP as a whole. Had to resolve issue with client vs server reload time.

-List of weapons currently bridged for nonlinear parts:
*B3-SAS Carbine
*General Rifle
*.45 Revolver
*Glok-17 (Spec Ops)
*Gust Rifle

-Retroactively changed Spec Ops Glok barrel's workbench art to be more technically accurate to what a pistol barrel looks like.
-Modified Spec Ops Glok considerably in damage. Fully silenced Gloks now dish about 8 or so damage still. However, half silenced models (heavy barrel) now put out 9 instead of 8. Further, the sawed off barrel (agile) that has NO suppressor now outputs 10. This gives the spec ops glok more flexibility for its damage range, and gives the sawed off barrel a considerable advantage.
-Massively increased recoil on Slugger, Doubled Sniper, Gust Rifle, and RevBow weapons, in relation to stat balancing.
-Modified way damage is calculated for Gust Rifle, so multiple parts can play into damage calculation.
-Modified sound play volumes for Explosive and Double-Silenced shots. Explosive rounds are 20% louder and Double Silenced shots are 35% less loud.
-Retrofitted some Gust Rifle art for its action to fit the new agile body set.
-Further bug fixes related to weapon naming.
-Modified way double mags work to provide further bonus on their good side.
-Fixed an ANCIENT bug with animations and recoil on semi automatic fire. If the last shot in the clip was fired on semi, the recoil engaging process would skip the animation and negate all recoil. It will now finish the animation first before proceeding. I fixed this on the very first take, leaving me kind of pissed off at how petty it was, yet how much impact it had on sniper weapons and the slugger. Rest in peace, annoying bug.
-Changed the way recoil is displayed to have more horizontal kick to things, making combating recoil a less linear process and adding some pizazz in the process.
-Fixed another major bug with recoil on guns, this time in MP. Due to technical reasons, function confusion lead to improper reading of when weapons were being fired, but only to recoil analysis.
-Fixed a bug with adding or reducing weight on items. Higher tiers had less difference in mass instead of greater. This makes "higher quality" heavy and tactical parts now weigh more than their lightweight counterparts, but also means that higher quality light weight parts reduce weight even further, leading to some excellent advantages in encumbrance and more reasons for players to evaluate weight reduction where possible for their weaponry.
-Fixed a bug where corrosion on weapons would rarely occur at double rate, due to state junk.
-Changed way double mags parse to work with reskinning in 3rd person.
-Did CRAPTONS of debugging on new M460 models for pickup and 3rd person. Spent 2-3 hours last night debugging them alone.
-Fixed bad calculations rarely occurring on double magged weapons. More state garbage.
-Added hotkeys for 1-5 when using Workbench Repair and Assemble windows, allowing for the repairing or forward cycling (respectively) of the part matching said number. As parts are listed 1-5 in descending order, this is very easy to tell at a glance, finally allowing for keyboard only precise weapon crafting.

-FINALLY completed the work for the new attachment rendition on the M460 rifle. Multiple delays and unexpected timeframes, coupled with low morale only growing lower with said delays, made a 2 day job into a 5+ day job.
-In relation to the M460 overlay, modified the code work of weapon Overlays to match against their parents cleanly.

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