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Seeking voice actors, graphic artist, sound editor.

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Voice Acting
There are several parts that need to be filled, listed below. Each part only has a handful of lines, including the protagonist. The parts are as follows:

Liam: Male. Irish. 25-30 years of age. Main protagonist. A photojournalist who has been assigned to cover a recent string of disappearances. Most demanding speaking part.

Tour guide: Female. Irish. 30-40 years of age. Has only a few lines at the start of the story.

Tourist dad: Male. Any nationality. 35-45 years of age. Speaks with the tour guide at the start of the story.

Tourist son: Male. 10-12 years of age. Same nationality as father (slightly less important).

Victims: Any gender. Need several. One must be female, 35-45 years of age, ideally the same nationality as the tourist dad and son. Encountered by player early in the game. Few lines, mostly muffled weeping and shouting.

Police/EMT: Any gender. Irish. 25-40 years of age. Heard by player at one point in the game, out of view.

Graphic Artist
Someone comfortable with realistic image editing at the least (e.g. adding effects to base materials like rust, damage, wounds, dirt, and so on). If anyone is experienced with normal mapping, that would also help.

Sound Editor
I'm currently deaf and hear through an implant. While this device serves its purpose admirably, it makes my hearing rather imprecise due to the lack of channels compared to a normal human ear, so it would be easiest if someone who can hear normally - ideally one with experience in sound mixing/editing - would help with this.

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